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I’m deeply immersed in writing, and have about 3 songs to go.

I’ve just finished composing a 10 minute song that will be going on this album. Oh my! I can tell you it’s metal. It’s infused with Celtic elements & prog elements, and is inspired by TES:V Skyrim.

This album is a labor of love for me and is by far the most difficult project I’ve worked on. I’ve had many personal mental and emotional hurdles to overcome, but I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. It will all be worth it in the end. I have a feeling it will also be the most satisfying album I’ve done. Satisfaction never comes without hard work and extreme effort (sometimes including blood, sweat, and tears!)!

More to come!


12 Comments on “NEW ALBUM UPDATE”

  1. I know it’s gonna be amazing. Can’t wait to hear it! Whenever I listen to Leah I’m inspired to play Skyrim.

  2. So excited for you and your new album.
    Definitely im gonna add to my collection.
    Love your music it’s very calming and inspirational.
    Lots of love.xoxo

  3. Great news that you are working on a new album. Can’t wait. Love your music. It inspires me when playing table top RPGs.

  4. Wow! just Gave a Listen to ” Confess My Love” if that is indeed the title!
    And Browsed The Entire Content Of the New Website, And it is awash with Fab Artwork
    Reviews, Comments, and Anecdotes…I Noticed how much more guitar content in this
    Track..Wonderful..Best track of yours I have Heard I think. The new Album is Gonna
    Propel You into the Stratosphere of Celtic Fantasy/ Goth Arena with Flying Colors…..
    Thank God He Made You So Beautiful Outside & Inside..My Queen..Princess..Angel xxx

  5. Can’t wait to hear your new album Leah, with all the passion and hard work you put in plus with your busy lifestyle it can only be fantastically brilliant like the rest of your music, onwards and upwards from here on in.

  6. can u give us any kind of timeline when we might see the new album released? Is there any chance we’ll see the new album released by the end of the year or sometime early next year?

  7. I would really be happy to hear you once more again about the beauty and fantastic song of yours LEAH. I love your music so much and can’t really wait for that new song with world most reknown singers and musicians.

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