Seeking Long-Term Virtual Marketing Assistant For Indie Label, Ex Cathedra Records

A very important role open has opened up for a new very special person here at Ex Cathedra!

I am seeking a LONG TERM assistant who wants to help me grow my brand over the next 5 years. This position will deal mainly with communication, project management, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

*If you are pursuing music full-time already, this position is not for you.

The assistant role is a remote/virtual position and reports to yours truly. My role at Ex Cathedra Records is the primary artist. I release all my music under my independent label.

Benefits: Salary range is between 30k-36k depending on skill level with room to grow! Flexible hours and work environment. Sometimes we do check in on weekends depending on what's happening (crowdfunding, album launches, etc.)

Here is what we are looking for...

You are US or Canada based (this job is a remote job, but must be within 1-2 hours time zone difference from Mountain Time)
You are fast-paced.
You love finishing tasks.
You are decisive.
You are tech-savvy! 
You are detailed but being around people is fun too.
You just absolutely get stuff done.

People in your life can’t believe how you manage it all.
People love working with you because it would CRUSH you not to finish what you start.
Your word is your bond.
You are on time.
You love spreadsheets!
You love routine.
You also can handle curveballs without it ruffling your feathers (you’d be working with an artist, after all).

* You are not a musician seeking a music marketing education from me
* You don't want the spotlight, you are 100% happy with being behind the scenes.

Skill sets must include:

> Ability to keep inbox clean.

> Ability to handle email service providers and the tech side of rules/tags/automations (if you don't know what one of these words means, this is not for you)

> Ability to run the very active Shopify store, process orders, & handle customer service like a boss.

> Great at project management

> You LOVE tech and tools

> You are a fantastic communicator.

> Great at excel sheets

> Very organized (send me a screenshot of what the inside of your CAR looks like!)


Our current tech stack includes:

*Drip (CRM)
*Google docs/sheets


If you are looking to grow & be challenged, this might be for you.

If you are looking for stuffy, boring, slow, and formal... not for you :)

If you are still reading... this might be you!


What's next?

1. Tell me, what Enneagram type are you?

2. What leadership style are you? (Please include all 4 scores)

3. Reply to with those two quiz results, and tell me about yourself, and why you'd be GREAT for this position!

P.S. When you email me, I am observing how well you can follow instructions in the above steps and requirements.

P.P.S: I am seeking someone who is a dominant Operator/Processor leadership style. If you are a dominant Visionary, this isn’t the position for you. Thanks!