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Career positions available at Ex Cathedra Records, Canadian-based independent record label for artist LEAH.


Positions Currently Available:

Director of Sales & Marketing

Does this sound like you?


  • Digital marketing is your life! You can’t get enough of it and constantly invest in training and find ways to learn more.


  • Facebook ads, funnels, landing pages, and Shopify are your JAM!


  • Personal growth and development is a big part of your life. You love reading, attending seminars, and learning how you can grow personally and professionally.


  • You are a natural-born leader. People naturally come to you for answers and you are comfortable leading.


  • You love big projects and aren’t easily stressed out by a thousand details.


  • You are incredibly detail-oriented. It gets under your skin when I’s aren’t dotted and T’s aren’t crossed. You notice flaws others don’t notice.


  • You love working with people, but you’re totally good working on your own for hours at a time also.


  • You’re an excellent communicator. People rarely misunderstand you because you’re very clear in written and voice format.


  • You are thorough and picky. Broken links are anathema to you.


  • You love coming up with new ideas and strategies and you love implementing them even more.


  • You are decisive.


  • You are creative but you also love systems and processes. Organization is very important to you.


  • You just absolutely love to GET. STUFF. DONE.


  • You don’t take yourself too seriously, have a positive outlook in life, and use humor whenever possible.


If you're nodding your head as you read, thinking, "WOW this sounds like me!" then you might be the person we're looking for!


Here's what to do next:

  1. Take this leadership style quiz and record the 4 scores you get in %
  2. Take this personality quiz 
  3. Email with your resume and a description of WHY you'd be amazing at this job! Include both quiz results.

You will be contacted with further information and more details about the job description and next steps!


This position is a remote-based position, but needs to operate on MDT timezone.
Flexible hours and attractive salary with room for growth and bonuses.

If you are an artisan craft-maker or are interested in adding your products to the LEAH brand, please email

Thank you!